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The world’s most common disease is SWM – “Someone Watching Me” disease. I am SWM survivor. I suffered a lot due to SWM.As a son of a rickshaw driver; I used to hide my father’s identity – what SOMEONE will say “your father is a rickshaw driver?” Or as a child from a hard-core Hindu family when I fall in love with a Buddhist girl I faced unbearable problems in a marriage just because what SOMEONE will say “why inter cast marriage?” I belong to a small town and when I wanted to start my own business in Mumbai I thought what SOMEONE will say “you failed in 9th standard, no one in your family did business, and you will build a business? I suffered terribly due to SWM whole my life. But now I know how to manage SWM. When you learn to manage SWM you can achieve your dreams no matter how big, difficult or different it is.