After successfully spending 10 years in corporate jobs, he realized that one can’t be passionate about only one thing in life .He left the lucrative job of a multinational company and launched his first healthcare IT Company in 2011, followed by other technology business. Today he is a CEO and Co-founder of three Successful businesses and two non-successful businesses. He believes his unsuccessful businesses are more profitable for him because of the learnings from it. Currently he is driving a combined exit value of approximately $10 million from his technology business.

His first company Techizer Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd launched in 2011, is a healthcare technology company and at Techizer they believe that by leveraging their innovative marketing technologies and services they can revolutionize healthcare marketing. Currently, Techizer is employing around 50 champions and associated with more than 1000 healthcare brands from various healthcare companies not only in India but even other countries like Sri Lanka, South Korea, North Korea, Myanmar etc .

Techizer is one of the leading healthcare IT Companies currently offering marketing IT solutions to more than 65 Indian and multinational pharmaceutical companies in India and other countries

public speaking

There are 7 billion people on earth and everyone has a special and unique story including your child. We train them to express their story on the stage with confidence and pride.

Like in singing we learn sargam , in dancing we learn steps similarly in public speaking students need to learn public speaking techniques. These techniques will help your child throughout their personal and professional life.

Our speaking programs are especially designed for kids and teens. We feel blessed and overjoyed to guide children overcome their stage fear and speak like a leader on the stage.