Get your employees or students motivated to achieve more results and aspire towards greater heights in power- packed 90 min real-life storytelling. Praveen has delivered several stories and has a unique way of connecting with the audience. Few of his stories and observations highlight the important aspects of development like making small changes every day, taking decisions or how adversity or failure can be used as a motivator.

  • How I became a millionaire by robbing the piggy bank of my 6 years old son
  • Entrepreneurship is about enjoying uncertainty
  • How to manage the world's most common disease -SWM. Someone Watching Me Disease ( Delivered at TEDx)
  • How my DOG made me a MAN
  • Why i ran from my home when I was 13 (only for students)
  • What to do as a speaker when you see the first yawn in the audience
  • Life is a school, do not leave without teachers.