Mr. Praveen Wadalkar

Public Speaking Coach

Praveen is the digital entrepreneur Co-founder and CEO of Techizer Tech Solutions Pvt.Ltd. By passion, he is a motivational speaker and corporate public speaking coach.

Business Storyteller

Specializing in Business storytelling and public speaking training he has personally conducted over 100 workshops across various industries and has registered over 1000 hours of stage time. Today he is a leading public speaking coach and corporate motivational speaker. Through his work, Praveen has been able to cultivate strong relationships with his clients and students.

5 Times International Tedx Speaker

TED is all about ideas worth spreading. Praveen’s idea is to help people to manage world’s most common disease SWM- “Someone Watching Me” disease. He called himself a SWM survivor. In one of his interview, he said - “In my journey as a son of a rickshaw driver who used to think “what someone will say if I tell them my dad is a rickshaw driver” or a Hindu boy who fell in love with the Buddhist girl but “what someone will say if I do inter-caste marriage”. Or a boy who wanted to build a company in Mumbai but what someone will say “you failed in 9th standard, coming from a small town…” I suffered terribly due to SWM whole my life. But now I know how to manage SWM so we can achieve our dreams no matter how big, difficult or different it is. That’s my idea.”


Praveen is the Co-founder and CEO of Techizer Tech Solution Pvt. Ltd. (, a highly specialized healthcare IT consulting firm that focuses on leveraging technology to build strong pharmaceutical brands.


Praveen has been a competitive public speaker for the past 3 years. This year (2017), he was ranked top 10 competitive public speakers in international speech contest 2017 at District 98 by Toastmasters International, the world’s leading authority in public speaking and communication. Praveen emerged as the first member who has won 9 times speech of the day award out of 10 speeches given at Mumbai Toastmasters club.
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Techizer Tech Solution Pvt. Ltd

Healthcare IT Company

Techizer Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd founded in 2011 is one of the leading healthcare IT Companies currently offering marketing IT solutions to more than 65 Indian and multinational pharmaceutical companies in India and other countries. Techizer is employing around 60 champions and associated with more than 1000 healthcare brands from various healthcare companies.
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